Day three of our Holiday Club was another brilliant day.
We celebrated Lazarous’ Birthday, learnt about Joseph and Pharoah’s dreams and how he went from Prisoner to PrimeMinister and we continued to play some awesome games!

The kids and leaders have settled into a lovely rhythm and the day was easygoing and really pleasant. The weather was milder too and this just increased the enjoyment of our catchers’ games in the sunshine we even moved our craft outdoors to capitalise on a rather windless morning.

In the evening the leaders slept over at the church and kept Brenda and Theo awake (but not too late) and much fun was had…

But I want to dedicate today’s blog to our HELPERS!

The holiday club is not only run by the group leaders and general leaders, but by a huge corps of background helpers:

Here’s a list of just some of the helpers we’ve had: (In no particular order)

Diana and Craig
    • Diana Muller who has always been Brenda’s co-conspirator and sounding board in planning holiday club. Diana, along with Craig, is also one of the key people in our drama. Both Diana and Craig pay a high price as they enthrall the kids with amazingly acted stories, even when this means taking a pie-in-the-face (or some Dr Potty applied make-up) along the way!
    • Craig Smith, who co-stars with Diana in our play, but also manages to support us in so many ways in our organisation, while managing to fill in all his other responsibilities and he also covers for Theo who is then free to throw his full weight into the holiday club.
Sue,Trudi & Charlene
    • Susan Hodgson, for whom no task is too big or small! Create props and sound effects for the play? Sure!
      Make copies of Quiet Time sheets? Sorted!
      Sort out Bingo sheets? Sure.
      Fetch someone quickly? No problem!
    • Lazarous turned forty today. He is a vital and vibrant part of our church life and holiday club, always ready to go the extra TEN miles and always smiling and passionate about kids. Lazarous keeps all the practical things ticking!
    • Trudi Joubert has been one of the mainstays of Holiday Club. Having children dropped and fetched from an activity is serious business.  We get many compliments for our security system which is safe and user friendly. Trudi and her amazing team of helpers take care of the arrival, registration and departure of our children and ensures that if there were an emergency, we have kids’ details at our fingertips. And when parents are late in fetching kids, Trudi keeps an eye on them while the leaders plan the next day.
  • Shawn Fouche: Helped in all sorts of ways! From our presence of Facebook, to our website and doing one of the talks, Shawn has made a valuable contribution and along with Michael Schaapherder who took some amazing photos and video.
  • Tea Helpers: Tea time is a big highlight for the kids.
    We have folk who come in and help pour juice for the kids and give them cookies. All this is put onto trays with the right amount for each group. We also need to thank all those who baked and brought cookies and cup-cakes.
  • Leader Feeders: Group leading is hard work and a our hungry leaders were fed by: Daphne, Bronwyn, Susan, Ashleigh, Joop, Tessa, Natalie, Frans, Paula, Craig and Tara.
  • Craft Preparation Team:  A lot of pencils had to be sharpened and a number of things cut out, pasted or washed beforehand – a number of folk helped with that!
  • Guest Speakers who helped bring a message to the kids: Lenti, Carol and Shawn
  • Cameo Roles in the Play: Lenti (the Mummy), Reder (Postman Pete) and Susan (MarieAnn the Baker).
  • Banner Painters: Our Banner (with Gladys the camel) was painted by a number of enthusiastic helpers.
  • Tidy up-helpers: This is still to happen, and they will have a big job ahead of them! But they are very valuable to us.
  • Prayer Team: These are the unseen comrades who pray for all facets of the holiday club. They are much valued!
  • Many others who I, in my tired, befuddled state, may have missed!

These folk are very valuable to holiday club and we really appreciate you!

See our Wednesday fotos HERE!

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