Searching for hidden clues

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Our ‘Secret Agent’ kids returned today wearing Banana yellow, the security level colour for today. Many of them even remembered our challenging Password for the day: Krypto-Comm! All the yellow made a lovely colourful background to the sea of smiling faces as they sat together in the hall at the start of the day.
First up was a group observation exercise where

they had to find items hidden in the pictures they were given. Our young spies are quite good at observing!

Agent AA and the spychief

Then the Spy Chief (our minister, Theo!) had a clandestine meeting at the ‘Nile Coffee Shop’ with none other than the famous Agent DoubleA: Aaron, brother of Moses and Miriam! How amazing to hear first-hand about all the plagues in Egypt, and to see the spy-cam footage. Made us feel a bit of what it must have been like. It seems amazing that despite all the suffering Pharaoh kept

on answering “No!” when Moses gave God’s message of “Let My people go!” It was a tough time for Moses and Aaron. We learned that when our faith is tested, like theirs must have been, we have a God who is in control. We need to trust him and cling to him and wait to see the salvation he will bring.

Wake up Agent M

Our “Who’s the Mole?” Drama had Agents M, O, S, E and Z crawling among the children (much to their delight!), trying to find the enemy agents and rescue their top secret and very valuable Moses documents. Thay have received intel that the enemy agents are at the station. Little do they know that the word ‘petrol’ has been torn out before ‘station’, and so they end up at the train station –  the wrong place all together, and they do not find the enemy agents at all. It seems that like the Israelites, they need to hang in there and trust God even though things are not going well. At least the Israelites didn’t have to keep on waking a sleeping leader!


Wednesday is always cup-cake day at Holiday Club, and the kids really enjoyed their treat – a BIG thank you to all the cup-cake bakers and servers!

Our game today was a real spy-fest with kids trying to identify the ‘kidnapper’ from a group of suspects. They had to interrogate suspects, do fingerprint analysis, examine possible crime scenes, and gather evidence. With the correct password they had access to sweets to sustain their energy for the hunt, and they successfully identified ‘Shady Raccoon’ (a really shady character) as the kidnapper. Shady has promised to return Miriam to us tomorrow, or face the music…

Fingerprint Paint

Craft time today appropriately focussed on fingerprints and the kids produced some creative fingerprint art-work.

Our memory verse for the day was presented with actions and the super-intelligent spies soon had Matthew 11:28 committed to memory: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

The day ended with some games in the hall and a closing time of praise and worship. The kids and leaders are really getting into the singing and actions!

And with that we are more than half way through our MISSION:RESCUE Holiday Club!
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16Square is the best game ever!
Interrogating the Suspects
It’s fun chasing suspects!
The Suspects
Memory Verses
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