Due to the impact of the Corona Virus, we have had to limit our services and activities.
  • We have an 8h30 physical service on Sunday Mornings. You can register for that service online at:
  • We have services on YouTube which can be found HERE.
  • You can find our weekly bulletin HERE.
  • You can find our events and recent online services HERE or you can scroll down
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Recent Events and Activities

7th Mar 2021

Sunday Service and Communion – Redeeming Time

Hi Everyone. “Paul sees time as a Kairos not Chronos…” Join in our service to find out more… See the service on YouTube: GodBless and Much Love, Theo  
4th Mar 2021

Thursday Check-In “I wOnder as I wAnder – Don’t lose Heart!”

Hi Everyone Here’s our Thursday Check-In – I really believe it will be a blessing and inspiration! God bless and Much Love, Theo
2nd Mar 2021

Presbyterian Link

The Presbyterian Link is our Denomination’s Newsletter… HERE’s the latest copy.  
28th Feb 2021

Sunday Service: True Worship

Hi Everyone. Isaiah went to the temple in a time of upheaval. What he encountered there changed his life! Join us for our online Sunday Service to consider “True Worship.” Click to view it… GodBless and Much Love, Theo  
24th Feb 2021

Seven Day Easter Family Devotional

This 7 day family devotional from Scripture Union is full of ideas and activities to make Easter more meaningful for you and your family. There is more material than you will get through in 7 days, so start looking at it well before Easter! It’s the 2020 version, but applicable to any […]
21st Feb 2021

Sunday Service: In the Wilderness

Hi Everyone. Here’s our Sunday Service. It’s all about temptations and the wilderness. Click to view it… GodBless and Much Love, Theo  
17th Feb 2021

Lent Bible Reading Challenge

Hi Everyone! The next chapter-a-day challenge is a selection of chapters for every day of Lent right up to Easter Sunday. I hope it’s a great blessing to you! God bless, Theo You can download a PDF Wed 17 Feb 1. God Creates: Genesis 1 Thu 18 Feb 2. We Rebel: Genesis […]
16th Feb 2021

Ash Wednesday Events

Hi There! Ash Wednesday is a special moment in the church calendar. In these strange times, I wanted to do all I can to offer something of that specialness to you. So here are six opportunities for Ash Wednesday: A Devotion for Ash Wednesday. You can find it at “Open House” […]
16th Feb 2021

Shrove Tuesday Picnic

Hi Everyone! The weather looks ok (a bit windy, but no rain), so we’ll have our Shrove Tuesday picnic on the Church lawns at 18h00 tonight… Bring your own picnic supper (doesn’t have to be pancakes) and camping chairs or a picnic blanket and join us for an evening of responsibly socially […]
15th Feb 2021

Lent Letter – So Who’s Lost??

Hi Everyone It’s hard to believe it’s Lent already! As many of you know, it has been a challenging few months for us as a family and, in addition,  Lent last year was eclipsed by onset of the Coronavirus and the hard-lockdown implemented in the fourth week of Lent. So I’m coming […]

Our Vision

We have a dream for our Congregation!

The name Emmanuel means God is with us. This is not just a philosophical concept. The One who carried this name actually walked amongst human beings bringing hope and love and healing with hands, feet and a body of flesh and blood. He truly was (and still is!) God with us.

There is a story of a woman who was very ill, but too afraid to approach Jesus directly. She reached out to touch the hem of His robe as He passed by, because she was convinced that this was enough to bring her into contact with His loving healing goodness. She was right. And she found more healing and love than she could have hoped for.

When Jesus ascended into heaven, He promised that He would live in those who followed Him. But how can people get to see Him and come to know Him? It is up to us who know Him to be examples of His love and to help people get to know Him.

We have a dream of a community - a welcoming family that will help people to come into contact with our God who loves us, is with us, and in us. We dream to be the hem of Jesus’ robe to the world.

Read more about our Vision

Our Doctrinal Position

(This is our own summary of Scriptural Doctrine with regard to the Church)

We believe in the Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  • that Jesus was (and is) fully human and fully God
  • that a personal life-changing relationship with God through Christ is the only way to salvation
  • that the Holy Spirit equips us for the work God has prepared for us to do.

We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament are:

  • inspired by God
  • reliable in revealing God’s plan and purpose to us
  • the key to growth in our relationship with God

We believe that the Church is called to:

  • proclaim Christ as Lord and Saviour
  • to reach out to the world in a balanced (physical, spiritual, mental, and social) way in God’s love
  • to teach the Word of God in a practical and meaningful way

We believe that worship

  • must be sincere and truthful
  • can take any form, whether “Contemporary” or “Traditional” or other
  • must reveal the love and majesty of God
  • must be orderly

We believe that:

  • bearing the fruit of the Holy Spirit is more important than the gifts of the Spirit and that the gifts must be exercised in an orderly manner.
  • the Holy Spirit moves in love and unity
  • guidance from the Holy Spirit is confirmed by Scripture, Christian counsel, and practical common sense.

We believe that:

  • the Church needs to continue Christ’s ministry of reconciliation in all walks of life
  • this imperfect world will come to an end when Jesus comes
  • God calls all the members of His Church to participate in His work.
  • The divisions of culture, gender, and class have been overcome by Christ
  • the Church should be ready for Christ’s return