Events and Activities (Upcoming and Past)

24th Jul 2021

25 July ’21 Running on Empty

Hi There It has been a really hectic two weeks…. Are you “Running on Empty?” Join us for our morning service at . God bless and Love, Theo    
18th Jul 2021

18 July ’21 Evil and Resurrection People

Hi There Join us for our service of worship as we reflect on this tumultuous week in the light of Scripture. We’ll look at how Evil raises its head and how we can be Resurrection People. Join us for our morning service at . God bless and Love, Theo    
11th Jul 2021

Mwinza and the Valley of the Clay Pots

Mwinza and the Valley of the Clay Pots is a delightful African folktale, which was passed down from one generation to the next, orally. It is about Mwinza’s quest for meaning in life. It illustrates Christian values in such a way that it is simple children to grasp. This story will leave […]
11th Jul 2021

11 July ’21 Beyond Endurance

Hi There What happens when we are “Beyond Endurance“? Join us for our morning service at God bless and Love, Theo    
4th Jul 2021

4 July ’21 Jesus Wept (COMMUNION)

Hi There How do we cope in these turbulent, sad and confusing times? Psalm 23 and the account of Jesus weeping at the grave of Lazarus help us. Join us for COMMUNION and a special message aimed at the children (and the big kids too). God bless and Love, Theo   […]
28th Jun 2021

Check-In : Popi and Pepuda

Dear Church Family Here’s a short check-in addressing a practical issue and a critical one. God bless and Love, Theo
27th Jun 2021

27 June ’21 Dry Bones

Hi There There is no doubt we find ourselves in a tough and devastating place. Today’s service brings powerful comfort from God’s Word. We warmly invite you to join us at: God bless and Love, Theo    
24th Jun 2021

Check-In : Steady…!

Dear Church Family Here’s a short check-in with needed encouragement in these crazy times. God bless and Love, Theo
20th Jun 2021

20 June ’21 Resilience

Hi There… It’s Father’s Day… Let’s celebrate Good Dads. In the Sermon we’ll address the question: How do we find the strength to face the challenges we face at the moment? How do we “stay standing?” And what does all of this have to do with Parktown Prawns? You’re warmly invited to […]
17th Jun 2021

Check-In : Nightbirde

Hi Everyone. Here’s our Thursday check-in where I talk about where we are right now and share a really beautiful song and story with you… – I hope you’ll enjoy it… Right at the end of the check-in, a video link will appear on the bottom left. Click it to watch […]
13th Jun 2021

13 June ’21 The Secret of Contentment

Hi There… In the midst of all the chaos and worry, is a life of contentment possible? Let’s learn from Paul… You’re warmly invited to our service! God bless and Love, Theo    
6th Jun 2021

6 June ’21 Resurrection Perspective #7 – Do you Love me

Hi There… Please join us for our COMMUNION SERVICE and the exciting conclusion of our Resurrection Series. God bless and Love, Theo    
3rd Jun 2021

Check-In : Encourage-Mint

Hi Everyone Here’s a little mint plant to cheer you on…. God bless and Much Love, Theo
30th May 2021

30 May ’21 Resurrection Perspective #6 – SCRIPTURE

Hi There… Here’s the sixth instalment of our series on “Resurrection Perspectives.” Jesus endorsed and emphasised the Scriptures as our basis and foundation. Click the link below to view the service: God bless and Love, Theo    
28th May 2021

Check-In : Be Prepared

Hi Everyone Here’s a quick mid-week check-in from my kitchen…. God bless and Much Love, Theo

Our Vision

We have a dream for our Congregation!

The name Emmanuel means God is with us. This is not just a philosophical concept. The One who carried this name actually walked amongst human beings bringing hope and love and healing with hands, feet and a body of flesh and blood. He truly was (and still is!) God with us.

There is a story of a woman who was very ill, but too afraid to approach Jesus directly. She reached out to touch the hem of His robe as He passed by, because she was convinced that this was enough to bring her into contact with His loving healing goodness. She was right. And she found more healing and love than she could have hoped for.

When Jesus ascended into heaven, He promised that He would live in those who followed Him. But how can people get to see Him and come to know Him? It is up to us who know Him to be examples of His love and to help people get to know Him.

We have a dream of a community - a welcoming family that will help people to come into contact with our God who loves us, is with us, and in us. We dream to be the hem of Jesus’ robe to the world.

Read more about our Vision

Our Doctrinal Position

(This is our own summary of Scriptural Doctrine with regard to the Church)

We believe in the Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  • that Jesus was (and is) fully human and fully God
  • that a personal life-changing relationship with God through Christ is the only way to salvation
  • that the Holy Spirit equips us for the work God has prepared for us to do.

We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament are:

  • inspired by God
  • reliable in revealing God’s plan and purpose to us
  • the key to growth in our relationship with God

We believe that the Church is called to:

  • proclaim Christ as Lord and Saviour
  • to reach out to the world in a balanced (physical, spiritual, mental, and social) way in God’s love
  • to teach the Word of God in a practical and meaningful way

We believe that worship

  • must be sincere and truthful
  • can take any form, whether “Contemporary” or “Traditional” or other
  • must reveal the love and majesty of God
  • must be orderly

We believe that:

  • bearing the fruit of the Holy Spirit is more important than the gifts of the Spirit and that the gifts must be exercised in an orderly manner.
  • the Holy Spirit moves in love and unity
  • guidance from the Holy Spirit is confirmed by Scripture, Christian counsel, and practical common sense.

We believe that:

  • the Church needs to continue Christ’s ministry of reconciliation in all walks of life
  • this imperfect world will come to an end when Jesus comes
  • God calls all the members of His Church to participate in His work.
  • The divisions of culture, gender, and class have been overcome by Christ
  • the Church should be ready for Christ’s return