16th July 2023

20230716 Winter School Daniel

Hi! Daniel calls us to be brave in a topsy turvy world. We will face trouble, but Daniel shows us God is in charge and that He is with us. You are warmly invited to our service where we reflect on these truths. GodBless and Love, Theo https://youtu.be/qIPhWToSpT0.
9th July 2023

20230709 Winter School Ezekiel

You are warmly invited to our online service. In the sermon, we will continue our Winter School Series, where we will look at Ezekiel and the promise that God is with us and the He transforms us. GodBless and Love, Theo https://youtu.be/qPKgO_uxnMo.
2nd July 2023

20230702 Winter School Jeremiah

The Prophet Jeremiah had a tough ministry and called God’s people to Return, to Grow where they were planted and Prepared them for the New Thing that God was doing. Join us for our communion service and learn more about this amazing prophet. God bless and Love, Theo https://youtu.be/LEa6i9eRK98.
25th June 2023

20230625 Winter School Isaiah

Today we are launching our five week “Winter School” where we will be looking at Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and Hosea. Today we look at Isaiah who portrays God as the Holy One who Comes, Calls and Heals. God bless and Love, Theo https://youtu.be/vJGqSDNZnEM.
18th June 2023

20230618 Children, Fathers, Youngsters

On this Youth Day and Father’s Day weekend, we explore some categories of spiritual growth. John talks about Children, Fathers and Youngsters in the Faith. Join us in our worship service to learn more about them. God bless and Love, Theo https://youtu.be/dHjjeXCb61Y.
11th June 2023

20230611 What a heart for God looks like

In this passage David doesn’t only dance, he Returns, he Offers, he Blesses, he Shares and he Brings it home. These qualities made him a man after God’s own heart. We can be men and woman after God’s heart too… You are warmly invited to join us for our worship service. God […]
4th June 2023

20230604 Encountering the Holy God

In our Trinity Sunday Communion Service we go to the temple with Isaiah and encounter a God who is Exalted, Holy and Triune and we explore what it means to SEE, EXPERIENCE and KNOW this God. You are warmly invited to join in this service of worship with us. God Bless and […]
28th May 2023

20230528 Pentecost

Pentecost is the Birthday of the Church and the celebration of the Holy Spirit’s coming into our hearts and lives. In our service today I’ll be looking at five verses that convey five timely and relevant truths around the Holy Spirit and what He does. You are warmly invited to join our […]
21st May 2023

20230521 Ascension Among the Lampstands

On Ascension Sunday we reflect on John’s perspective on the Ascended Christ, recorded in Revelations 1. We’ll see how Jesus walks “Among the Lampstands.” God bless, Theo https://youtu.be/Rf9ZjpTazpA.
18th May 2023

20230518 Ascension Day

Welcome to our special Our Ascension Day Service, Thursday 18 May 2023. Welcome to Emmanuel and Grace Presbyterian Church’s You Tube Channel. You can find out more about us at www.emmanuel.org.za https://youtu.be/cXg3tZYeOcc.
14th May 2023

20230514 Enduring Faith

What can we learn from Clay Pots? How can we have an Enduring Faith? Join us for our worship service where I unpack 2 Corinthians 4 and illustrate this with some insights from the life of Rev Glen Craig who passed away recently. Blessings and Love, Theo https://youtu.be/kwBASnOL5bs.
7th May 2023

20230507 So where is the Storm

Elijah discovered that the storm was inside him. Where is our storm? Welcome to our worship service. https://youtu.be/OASCBxqchbc.