13 Oct – Check-In – Burger Bash and Day of Giving

9 Oct – (Month of Mission) “Hankies, Beatings and Bonfires”
9th October 2022
16 Oct – Day of Giving
16th October 2022

13 Oct – Check-In – Burger Bash and Day of Giving

Dear Church Family
You are warmly invited!
This Sunday will be our Day of Giving. I have done a weekly check-in about that, https://youtu.be/FtWLjjAoYsE  but I need to talk about the BURGER BASH🍔 and the BELATED FAREWELL we will be having for the Barkers at 11h00 on Sunday Morning after the 8h30 service.

It has been far too long since we have had a party🥳 and get together! We’ll be doing Chicken Burgers (supplied by the Board of Management) and spending time with Jackie and Tim and their children celebrating the 7 years they served here at the church.

We have ordered a jumping castle🏰 for the kids although it looks like the long-awaited October rains🌦️ might arrive and if it does we’ll move indoors and we’ll have some activities for the kids. We’re asking that families bring their own drinks🍼, salads to share, cutlery and plates🍽️ for salads and burgers.

In order to get our catering right, we are asking families to sign up on our online form. Please fill in your names, the number of people attending and the number of 🍔 required! 😋

The sign-up form is at: https://forms.gle/jfH3HfxuAknXZwmM6

I’ll be sending you more details as the week progresses.
God bless,