3 Dec ’21 – Check-In: Thanksgiving

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28th November 2021
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3 Dec ’21 – Check-In: Thanksgiving

Hi Everyone

Here’s a quick check-in with details about our Thanksgiving Service on Sunday where we will also be remembering loved ones we’ve lost in the last two years. You’ll get the details in the check-in, but basically I need two things:
1. One or two things you are grateful for.
2. The names of Loved Ones lost in the last two years.
Please whatsapp or email these to me *No later than lunch-time on Saturday*

Please watch the check-in for more details as well as an update on the Refilwe Boxes and something about Christmas Angels.

Just click the link… https://youtu.be/m-PhPrxC8WU

God bless and Love,