15 April ’22 – Good Friday
15th April 2022
17 April ’22 – Resurrection Sunday
16th April 2022

Easter Music Selection

Hi there!

Here’s a link to the Easter playlist.
I’ve listed the songs below with a few comments…
Click HERE for the songs.

Do you have any songs you would suggest I add?
Send me the YouTube links.

Have a GOOD Friday and a blessed weekend.

God bless and Love,


  • Create in Me – Acappella – A beautiful song based on Ps.51.
  • Mystery of Mercy – Caedmon’s Call
    I love the way they include every possible Biblical Character as a recipient of the mystery of Mercy


  • By His Wounds  – Glory Revealed (Steven Curtis Chapman, Mac Powell, Mark  Hall, Brian Littrell)
    Isaiah 53 in song – stunning!
  • We are the Reason – Avalon
    Originally by David Meece, but this version is beautiful.
    Brings Christmas and Easter together.
  • Secret Ambition – MW Smith
    An incredible song about Jesus’ Mission.


  • Carry my Cross – Third Day
    The story of Jesus life and crucifixion from a first person perspective.
    It’s very powerful
  • East to West – Casting Crowns
    Ties the reality of our need for forgiveness to the endlessness of grace.
  • Sometimes Love – Chris Rice
    The music, rhythm and punchline of the song’s lyrics grab me every time
    The love of the Father comes through here.
  • Why – Michael Card
    So haunting – “His love would have held Him there.”
  • Were you there? – Vigil Music and Andrea Thomas
    Vigil is a collaboration of Roman Catholic musicians devoted to writing thoughtful music.
    I love the absolute simplicity of this well-known song.
    Andrea’s voice is beautiful.
  • Via Dolorosa – Sandi Patti
    This is just hauntingly beautiful
  • King of the Hill – Eli
    The sadness of this song captures the loneliness of Gethsemane and the Cross.
    It really grabs my heart.
  • Watch the Lamb – Ray Boltz
    Ties Passover together with Simon of Cyrene…
  • Too Small a Price – Don Fransisco
    This is from the concert he did at Loftus in 1984.
    Although there are no lyrics his words are so clear.
    It’s a powerful song.
  • It is finished – Petra
    A legendary gospel rock band classic that conveys the finality of His victory.
  • Should have been me – Citizen Way
    A new band for me. But I LOVE this song!
    And it’s so true.


  • Mary – Dana Key
    I love the accoustic guitar and the picture of Mary finding out Jesus is alive.
  • Graverobber – Petra
    The rockers can also do something quieter.
    What a solid perspective of the life Jesus obtained for us.
  • Arise My Love – NewSong
    And anthem of resurrection from God the Father’s perspective
  • I’ve Seen the Lord – Vigil and John Finch
    Vigil is a collaboration of Roman Catholic musicians devoted to writing thoughtful music.
    This one is beautiful in composition and instrumentation
  • He’s alive – Don Fransisco
    This song always makes me cry. The version I chose doesn’t have the best sound, but watch the joy on his face as he sings.
  • Can’t keep a Good Man down – NewSong
    Brenda’s favourite! Enough said 😉
  • End of the Beginning – David Phelps
    The power and “attitude” of this song and it’s “creed” nature grabs me every time.
  • Rise and Shine – Andrew Peterson
    I couldn’t find one with lyrics.
    It starts with a story from his childhood.
    Goes to Christmas and then goes to Easter.
    This one makes me cry with joy!


  • All I ever need – Andrew Peterson
    A beautiful song drawing on some incredibly rich Biblical Images…
  • Because He lives  – David Crowder and friends
    A lockdown but beautiful rendering of this old hymn
  • Shoulders – For King and Country
    This beautiful song reminds us that Jesus carried and carries us on His shoulders.
    There’s a non-lyric music video that’s really beautiful.
  • Creed – Rich Mullins – Third Day and Brandon Heath
    And it all comes together in the Apostles Creed.
    The music is incredible and the words amazing.
    The lines that grab me:
    “I believe that what I believe is what makes me what I am.
    I  did not make it. No – it is making me.”
  • Simon Khorolskiy’s “I wonder as I wander” is EPIC.
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