11 June: MidWeek Check-In : Ps.23 and Rest
11th June 2020
18 June: MidWeek Check-In (Youth Day)
18th June 2020

Brenda’s Most Important Lessons for Kids

During Lockdown Brenda compiled a series of worksheets covering the key truths of the faith. This is a vitally important resource.

  1. Who is God? (Help kids understand the heart of God) .
  2. Who is Jesus? (Help kids see Jesus as central)
  3. Who is the Holy Spirit and what does he do?
  4. What is the Bible? Why is it so important? Is it really
    different from other books?
  5. In the beginning, God created….
  6. If God created a perfect world, why is it so broken?
  7. What does it mean when I say, “I’m a Christian” ??
  8. Growing in our friendship with God.
  9. Why church? Why do we need to do life together?
  10. Prayer – Chats with God – how and why?
  11. Telling our Jesus story. Sharing His wonderful love!
  12. Faith in Action. How can I serve Him and His world.
  13. Why do we sing in church? What does it mean to
    praise and worship God? Is this really important?
  14. Eternity with God: Our Eternal life starts the moment
    we say ‘yes’ to Jesus!

And you can view and download it HERE.