24th March 2024

20240324 From Exodus to Easter – Intercessor – Palm Sunday

Hi there! 🤗 You’re warmly invited to our Palm Sunday service in which we continue our journey from Exodus to Easter as we look at the how Jesus Intercedes for us in an incredible way. https://youtu.be/NZJzOJkuCoM God bless and Love, Theo
17th March 2024

20240317 From Exodus to Easter – Idols

Hi There! How do we relate the Golden Calf to Easter? Come and Join us in our worship service to find out. We also present our annual budget for accountability and transparency… Blessings and Love, Theo
10th March 2024

20240310 From Exodus to Easter – Community

Hi 🤗 *Here’s the big secret:* _Moses was lonely._ You are warmly invited to join us for our worship service where we reflect on the role of COMMUNITY in Exodus and relate that to Easter. There are some useful insights to Moses, Teamwork and Brokenness in Human Relationships. You can join us […]
2nd March 2024

20240303 From Exodus to Easter – MANNA

Hi There! You are warmly invited to our Communion Service as we continue our journey from Exodus to Easter. Today we’ll connect Manna and Jesus statement that He is the “Bread of Life.” https://youtu.be/IYD7GAS47Zw God bless and Love, Theo
25th February 2024

20240225 From Exodus to Easter – PRESENCE – Tabernacle, Fire and Cloud

Hi there! Did you know 1/8 of Exodus is devoted to the building of the Tabernacle? Is it important? _It sure is!_ You are warmly invited to our worship service to learn how the Pillar of Cloud & Fire, the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant all point to Jesus in […]
18th February 2024

20240218 From Exodus to Easter – Crossing the Red Sea

Hi There. One of the OT’s iconic moments is the Crossing of the Red Sea. As it turns out, this is an important theological theme in the NT. You are warmly invited to join us in worship as we explore this important concept. https://youtu.be/h_gowlQC9Og GodBless and Love, Theo
14th February 2024

20240214 Ash Valentine’s Wednesday

Hi there. You are very warmly invited to our Ash Wednesday Service. It is an edited and annotated version of the live service we had this morning and we think you will find it very special. Click here: https://youtu.be/DrI04a70DEg GodBless and Much Love, Theo
13th February 2024

20240213 Shrove Tuesday

Hi there! Here is a short 11 minute Shrove Tuesday Sermon including a lovely song about Christ’s Preparation for the Cross. Please join us for this special devotion. https://youtu.be/aN7GEfe2U1A God bless and Love, Theo
11th February 2024

20240211 From Exodus to Easter – Law

Hi there Join us for part 2 of our Exodus to Easter Series – Today we look into the role that the Law plays in our faith journey. https://youtu.be/C-Nl6pOzZe4 GodBless and Love, Theo
4th February 2024

20240204 From Exodus to Easter – Passover

Hi there You are warmly invited to our COMMUNION service! We are beginning a series, “From Exodus to Easter”, which will take us all the way to Easter. Today we look at the significance of the Passover. Join us at https://youtu.be/AmvV_mEDtx8 God bless and Love, Theo
28th January 2024

20240128 Streams in the Desert 4: Trust in God

Hi There! You’re warmly invited to be part of our worship service where we will explore part 4 of our Series “Streams in the Desert” as we come to the last of our four words – TRUST. https://youtu.be/GRzTYdtttqM GodBless and Love, Theo
21st January 2024

20240121 Streams in the Desert 3: Community

Hi there. You are warmly invited to part three of our “Streams in the Desert” series. Today we explore the importance of Community. Please join us at    • 20240121 Streams In The Desert:  3 Co…   for our service of worship. GodBless and Love, Theo
14th January 2024

20240114 Streams in the Desert 2: Creativity

Hi there. You are warmly invited to our communion service and part 2 of our series: “Streams in the Desert” and we are talking about Creativity… Please join us at    • 20240114 Streams In The Desert: 2 Cre…   God bless and Love, Theo
7th January 2024

20240107 Streams in the Desert 1: Courage

Hi there! You are warmly invited to our first service for the new year. This is Part 1 of our series: “Streams in the Desert” and we are talking about Courage. Please join us at    • 20240107 Streams In The Desert #1: Co…   God bless and Love, Theo
31st December 2023

20231231 Old-New Year Check-In

Hi there! Here is our year end/beginning reflection. I hope it is helpful! https://youtu.be/DJpHD6D-0N4?si=-etGXNsRcKZpFMx5 Brenda, Caleb and I wish you a very happy new year on behalf of your Emmanuel Church Family. GodBless and Love, Theo PS: The two songs in the video are: Casting Crowns: God of all my Days    • Casting Crowns – God of All My Days (…   […]
10th December 2023

20231210 Christmas Unveiled – Symbols of Christmas

Hi there You’re warmly invited to be part of our worship service where we will explore part 2 of our Series “Unveiling Christmas” as we “Unwrap the Secrets” and decode the symbols we use at Christmas time. I think you will find it meaningful and special. https://youtu.be/38KmMEMRotk GodBless, Theo
2nd December 2023

20231203 Christmas Unveiled – Tabernacle Tidings

Hi there. 🤗 You are warmly invited to our communion service. It is Advent and we are kicking off a series entitled: “Christmas Unveiled: Beyond the Manger, Symbols and Songs”. The first message in the series explores the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles and suggests links and connections. Join us for a special […]
26th November 2023

20231126 “Gedoentes” The Holy Spirit in Acts – Faithful Philip

Hi There! We’re back from our camping trip! We had a lovely time and thank you for the good wishes and love expressed by so many of you. Today’s service is the conclusion of our “Escapades and Exploits (“Gedoentes”) of the Holy Spirit in Acts” series. Today we look at Philip. You […]
18th November 2023

20231119 “Gedoentes” The Holy Spirit in Acts – Super Natural

Hi there! While Theo and Brenda are camping in the Karoo, this message is a repeat of the Pentecost Sunday of 2022. It is a message worth hearing again. https://youtu.be/1NF1UCTPY8g God bless, Theo
11th November 2023

20231112 “Gedoentes” The Holy Spirit in Acts – Embracing Service

Hi there. You’re warmly invited to participate in our online service. This is the second in our series on the Exploits/Escapades of the Holy Spirit. It is a re-broadcast of a message Theo preached in 2021 which fits in very well here. Listen to this message here: https://youtu.be/IhIWI-VTMW8 The other messages in […]
You can find more sermons HERE.
6th April 2023

20230406 Tenebrae – He PRAYED

Hi there! And so the Holy Easter Weekend begins. Jesus offers Himself for us. Tonight in our Tenebrae service we look at Jesus the Hero who prays and intercedes for us. https://youtu.be/yGSQj86Qg9g. God bless and Love, Theo
22nd February 2023

20230222 Ash Wednesday

Hi there. Here’s our Ash Wednesday service. It’s a little longer than the usual devotion because I talk about the revival that is taking place at Asbury University USA and try to place it all in context. I believe you will find it meaningful and helpful. https://youtu.be/S5pg42GgacA. God bless and Love, Theo
21st February 2023

20230221 Shrove Tuesday – Lent Commencement

Our Shrove Tuesday Lent Message. https://youtu.be/CuxJXLPgptc.
31st December 2022

20221231 Old Year Check

This is a check-in for the old to new year… https://youtu.be/OyskdpnFCWY.
24th December 2022

20221224 Carol Service

We recorded our Carol Service on 4 Dec and it is shared here for Christmas Eve…. Enjoy!
13th October 2022

13 Oct – Check-In – Burger Bash and Day of Giving

Dear Church Family You are warmly invited! This Sunday will be our Day of Giving. I have done a weekly check-in about that, https://youtu.be/FtWLjjAoYsE  but I need to talk about the BURGER BASH🍔 and the BELATED FAREWELL we will be having for the Barkers at 11h00 on Sunday Morning after the 8h30 […]
25th June 2022

25 June ’22 – Regulations Lifted!

Hi there. 😁 Here’s a short greeting recorded on Thursday afternoon. (Click HERE….) With covid regulations lifted we want to warmly invite you to join us in church. ⛪ You may still wear a mask if you’d like, but it’s not compulsory. We will no longer be doing sign up sheets, you […]
20th May 2022

Confirmation 2022

Dear Teens and Parents, We will be starting our Teen Confirmation process on Sunday the 29th of May 2022, and we would like to invite you to be part of this experience. Over the years we have developed a great confirmation process – it covers a review of the traditional creeds, core-doctrinal […]
15th April 2022

Easter Music Selection

Hi there! Here’s a link to the Easter playlist. I’ve listed the songs below with a few comments… Click HERE for the songs. Do you have any songs you would suggest I add? Send me the YouTube links. Have a GOOD Friday and a blessed weekend. God bless and Love, Theo PROLOGUE: […]
10th April 2022

Resource – Synchronised Palm Sunday Reading

Hi Everyone. Here’s a synchronised Palm Sunday reading…. and a parallel Palm Sunday Reading…   GodBless and Much Love, Theo  
8th April 2022

Check-In: Holy Week

Good Evening Everyone 🤗 Here’s a ten minute check-in talking about our Easter Programme and I also talk briefly about the Health Amendment Bill. Please take a moment to watch. Blessings and Love, Theo https://youtu.be/3xuGjyPBx9g
11th March 2022

Check-In: Season of Prayer

Hi Everyone🤗. It’s Friday 🎶🎊🎉! Here’s a quick seven minute check-in where I talk a bit about the current craziness and prayers for the Ukraine. https://youtu.be/Tawvtx5yQag Please take a moment to watch, I think it will be encouraging and helpful. God bless and Much Love, Theo
2nd March 2022

Check-In: Ash Wednesday

Hi Everyone. Here’s a short (6 minute) Ash Wednesday Devotion. https://youtu.be/gqaJxAU8RwU Blessings and Love, Theo
2nd March 2022

Lent 2022

Hi Everyone Here’s my Lent Letter for 2022. Why not take a moment to read through it thoughtfully tonight? Just click HERE. God bless, Theo  
1st March 2022

Check-In: Shrove Tuesday

Good Morning Everyone. Today is Shrove Tuesday and I have put together a chapter-a-day Bible reading challenge for Lent and will be doing email devotions on Tues-Friday each week. You can click on the link below to see the devotion and get the list of chapters. There’s also a link to subscribe […]
10th February 2022

Check-In: State of Heart/Soul

Good Evening Everyone, Thursday was State of the Nation, but it had me thinking of our State of Heart/Soul. Here’s a quick check-in talking about that, but also highlighting some of the great books we have in our library… https://youtu.be/pkhl15CNLK4 Blessings and Love, Theo
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Our Vision

We have a dream for our Congregation!

The name Emmanuel means God is with us. This is not just a philosophical concept. The One who carried this name actually walked amongst human beings bringing hope and love and healing with hands, feet and a body of flesh and blood. He truly was (and still is!) God with us.

There is a story of a woman who was very ill, but too afraid to approach Jesus directly. She reached out to touch the hem of His robe as He passed by, because she was convinced that this was enough to bring her into contact with His loving healing goodness. She was right. And she found more healing and love than she could have hoped for.

When Jesus ascended into heaven, He promised that He would live in those who followed Him. But how can people get to see Him and come to know Him? It is up to us who know Him to be examples of His love and to help people get to know Him.

We have a dream of a community - a welcoming family that will help people to come into contact with our God who loves us, is with us, and in us. We dream to be the hem of Jesus’ robe to the world.

Read more about our Vision

Our Doctrinal Position

(This is our own summary of Scriptural Doctrine with regard to the Church)

We believe in the Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  • that Jesus was (and is) fully human and fully God
  • that a personal life-changing relationship with God through Christ is the only way to salvation
  • that the Holy Spirit equips us for the work God has prepared for us to do.

We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament are:

  • inspired by God
  • reliable in revealing God’s plan and purpose to us
  • the key to growth in our relationship with God

We believe that the Church is called to:

  • proclaim Christ as Lord and Saviour
  • to reach out to the world in a balanced (physical, spiritual, mental, and social) way in God’s love
  • to teach the Word of God in a practical and meaningful way

We believe that worship

  • must be sincere and truthful
  • can take any form, whether “Contemporary” or “Traditional” or other
  • must reveal the love and majesty of God
  • must be orderly

We believe that:

  • bearing the fruit of the Holy Spirit is more important than the gifts of the Spirit and that the gifts must be exercised in an orderly manner.
  • the Holy Spirit moves in love and unity
  • guidance from the Holy Spirit is confirmed by Scripture, Christian counsel, and practical common sense.

We believe that:

  • the Church needs to continue Christ’s ministry of reconciliation in all walks of life
  • this imperfect world will come to an end when Jesus comes
  • God calls all the members of His Church to participate in His work.
  • The divisions of culture, gender, and class have been overcome by Christ
  • the Church should be ready for Christ’s return