Church at Home (During Covid19 Lockdown) 05 April 2020

Church at Home (During Covid19 Lockdown) 29 March 2020
28th March 2020
7 April: Mid-lockdown (Holy Week in Lockdown)
7th April 2020

Church at Home (During Covid19 Lockdown) 05 April 2020

We’re coming to you…

We’re on lockdown – but we can still be the church!

You can watch the service at


Here’s what we’d love you to do:

  • Don’t just watch the service at “any old  time”. Make a moment of it.
    Set aside time on Sunday (maybe the normal church time for you.)
    We’ll schedule the video’s release for 8h30, so you can watch any time from then.
  • If you’re with your family, gather everyone together.
    Switch off phones and try to prevent other distractions.
    The service isn’t long but we hope it will be an encouragement and blessing!
  • Make it a moment of worship. Close your eyes in prayers and sing with! Really!!
  • Then for those with kids…
    Brenda has put together a cool DIY Lesson for them to do, but they’ll need your help.
    There is a TEACHER’S GUIDE and a CHILDREN’S LESSON for you to print out.
    The document is self-explanatory and provides you all the guidance you’ll need to lead your kids through the lesson.
    Enjoy…  (They’re down below)
  • Scripture Union has produced some beautiful material for Holy Week.
    You can download it from HERE.

See you tomorrow!

God bless!