Check-In : Steady…!
24th Jun 2021
27 June ’21 Dry Bones
27th Jun 2021

Emmanuel Grace Bulletin 27 June 2021


  • If you have not received an Email from Theo regarding POPI, please contact
    him as soon as possible. If you have received the POPI email and haven’t
    responded, please to so before Tuesday.
  • Beth-Shan is part of the Salvation Army and is a shelter for trafficked and abused women.
    They need our support…
    Please help by buying a pen from Brenda.
  • Tessa Kriedemann is sowing blue masks together for blankets.
    Please wash your old ones and bring them to church and we’ll pass them on to her…


Fellowship Groups:

(Contact for more info)

    • “Digging Deeper Bible Study” @20h00 (This group will not be following a Series, but each week will tackle a different theme with Theo who can be reached at 0825510752)
    • Gouws Fellowship  19h30 Ben and Patricia Gouws 0827798713
    • Kroeger Fellowship 19h30 Vin 082 323 6565
    • Groeneveld Fellowship 20h00 Brenda 0845427251 Joanne 0727145790
    • Smith Fellowship 19h30 Craig 0834580496 Tracey 082 854 9439
    • Thursday AM Bible Study 09h00 – On Whatsapp. Theo 0825510752
    • Almost Friday Fellowship Group 20h00. Theo 0825510752
    • Maranatha Ladies at 09h30 Natalie 0824618142


Birthdays and Anniversaries: