It’s our Fête – Save the Date!!!

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1st Sep 2019
The Ministry of Presence
8th Sep 2019

It’s our Fête – Save the Date!!!

These fotos are from our Fête in 2016. It was a day of fun and fellowship. I remember the sounds, sights and smells of the day… Trevor Nasser plucking his guitar, children laughing at the photo booth, the colors of the crafts, the head-bowed-book-browsers and let’s not even talk about the aroma of pancakes, curry & rice and souvlakia…. (Yummmmmm)

Now our next FUN-raising fête is around the corner and I would like to make a BIG appeal to you to do every thing you can to make this a special day!

We need your help:

  • advertising the day and bringing friends and family along.
  • helping before-hand with making crafts, sorting books and white-elephant stuff, and baking for the tea-stall
  • help on the day with logistics, at the stalls and with tidying up
  • putting us in contact with people who might want to put up a stall. (We will charge them a minimal once-off amount for table hire and they will keep all their profits and proceeds)
  • But most of all: By pitching in whole-heartedly to make the day a warm expression of our community life.

We’ve been handing out volunteer forms and I sent out an on-line sign-up form last week. If you haven’t had a chance to fill one in yet, please click HERE to sign up…

In tough times like this an event like this can be a powerful expression of faith, hope and community. We hope you and your families will come along and be part of the fun!

Thank you so much