7th Mar 2021

Sunday Service and Communion – Redeeming Time

Hi Everyone. “Paul sees time as a Kairos not Chronos…” Join in our service to find out more… See the service on YouTube: https://youtu.be/gxAuC8OESkE GodBless and Much Love, Theo  
4th Mar 2021

Thursday Check-In “I wOnder as I wAnder – Don’t lose Heart!”

Hi Everyone Here’s our Thursday Check-In – I really believe it will be a blessing and inspiration! https://youtu.be/vuEaRwP9y9g God bless and Much Love, Theo
28th Feb 2021

Sunday Service: True Worship

Hi Everyone. Isaiah went to the temple in a time of upheaval. What he encountered there changed his life! Join us for our online Sunday Service to consider “True Worship.” Click to view it…  https://youtu.be/Hfi-x2_aM4M GodBless and Much Love, Theo  
21st Feb 2021

Sunday Service: In the Wilderness

Hi Everyone. Here’s our Sunday Service. It’s all about temptations and the wilderness. Click to view it… https://youtu.be/hcwv7uWb-Mg GodBless and Much Love, Theo  
14th Feb 2021

Sunday Service: At the Heart of Love

Hi Everyone. Here’s our Sunday Service. On Valentine’s Day we’ll be looking at how Jesus explains God’s Love to Nicodemus… Check it out at: https://youtu.be/gCs-si0ND4o GodBless and Much Love, Theo  
29th Nov 2020

Ruth Resilience – Boaz and Jesus Kinsmen-Redeemers

Audio Podcast YouTube Video
22nd Nov 2020

Ruth Resilience – Providence and Action

Audio Podcast YouTube Video
15th Nov 2020

Ruth Resilience – Lessons from Boaz

Audio Podcast YouTube Video
8th Nov 2020

Ruth Resilience – The Power Of Words

Audio Podcast YouTube Video
1st Nov 2020

Ruth Resilience – Realistic and Real Faith

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25th Oct 2020

Overcomers – Week 5 – Ruth

Audio Podcast YouTube Video
18th Oct 2020

Overcomers – Week 4 – Thomas

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