22nd Apr 2020

22 Apr: Midweek update: Tools to make a difference – Fruit of the Spirit

22 Apr: Midweek update: See what Theo, Jedidiah the cat and the Groenevelds have been up to.” The you-tube link is https://youtu.be/ZCyWBtRvFMI.
30th Apr 2020

30 Apr: Mid-Week Update: Last day of hard lockdown

30 Apr: Mid-Week Update” The you-tube link is https://youtu.be/VVuEvvag7ic .
7th May 2020

7 May: Mid-Week Update: MoonStroke Psalm 121

7 May: Mid-Week Update” The you-tube link is https://youtu.be/oSaXAwZjOQU you can see the email summary here .
13th May 2020

13 May: Mid-Week Update: Acts 27

13 May: Mid-Week Update” The you-tube link is https://youtu.be/UsJhK5drtZU.
27th May 2020

27 May: MidWeek Check-In: Devotion on Ps 27

27 May: MidWeek Check-In. The you-tube link is https://youtu.be/bsgSuU3UMWY.
4th Jun 2020

4 June: MidWeek CheckIn: Generosity. Encourage. Keep your tank full.

4 June: MidWeek CheckIn https://youtu.be/JZVugzJf-Bo
11th Jun 2020

11 June: MidWeek Check-In : Ps.23 and Rest

11 June: MidWeek Check-In : Ps.23 and Rest https://youtu.be/zAkTa8vT0RE
18th Jun 2020

18 June: MidWeek Check-In (Youth Day)

18 June: MidWeek Check-In https://youtu.be/iIwu8EUszyE
25th Jun 2020

25 June: MidWeek Check-In: Boundaries. Be Kind. Look after yourself. Draw near to God.

25 June: MidWeek Check-In https://youtu.be/22cvx-D7W8U
28th Jun 2020

Lessons in the storm…

2nd Jul 2020

2 July: MidWeek Check-In: Rembrandt and Storms

2 July: MidWeek Check-In https://youtu.be/-DvUiyMkEeARembrandt and Storms
5th Jul 2020

Community – The Importance of Fellowship

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