9th Oct 2020

9 Oct: Important Email: Heartaches and restarting services

9 Oct: Important Email HERE
8th Oct 2020

8 Oct: Midweek CheckIn (sad, broken, but eyes on Him)

8 Oct: Midweek CheckIn https://youtu.be/XKWRkWbw_xA
4th Oct 2020

Overcomers – Week 2 – Joseph

Audio Podcast YouTube Video
2nd Oct 2020

2 Oct: Weekly Check-In: Jeremiah recap

2 Oct: Weekly Check-In https://youtu.be/_-_mFdDQI2g
27th Sep 2020

Overcomers – Week 1 – Jeremiah

Audio Podcast YouTube Video
17th Sep 2020

17 Sep: Midweek Check-In (Soul Care and Psalm 42)

17 Sep: Check-In: Theo says: “I haven’t been as regular with the weekly check-ins, but I’ve realised that they are important and I’m praying today’s one will be helpful to you and a blessing! https://youtu.be/XStju6IYJqw.
30th Aug 2020

When we drink from Jesus’ Cup

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23rd Aug 2020

Walk Between the Lines

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19th Aug 2020

19 Aug: MidWeek CheckIn (Bible Society)

19 Aug: MidWeek CheckIn YouTube: www.youtu.be/mXH4aHM5LR8 Bible Soc Virtual walk/run/ride Bible Soc Songs of Praise on Sun at 3PM www.youtube.com/user/BibleSocietySA
15th Aug 2020

Lest We Forget

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9th Aug 2020

I am the Lord’s Servant

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6th Aug 2020

6 Aug: MidWeek Check-In: Dry and Thirsty?

6 Aug: MidWeek Check-In – Dry and Thirsty?